Pop Ups

Pop Up

I love the idea of pop up businesses.  There is something a little Harry Potterish about them.  One day they are there, another day not.  You could walk down the same street every single day, and never know what stores you might see, or how long they will exist for.  Its also a little like belonging to a secret society or stalking your favourite pop star, you have to stay on the ball, and in the know, to make sure you are up to date on where the next location will be, especially if its a company offering a service that you really like and you have become a loyal customer. Just like the concept of the ‘secret cinema‘.

Up North 

Two very good friends of mine in the UK have decided to offer this kind of service, and I’m sad that I’m not in the UK to make the most of their wares and to support them both, especially as they have been massively supportive in my Georgian endeavours and setting up OPG.  They are both very creative and hard working people, with such a range of talents that I almost feel they are wasted in normal every day life.  And who knows, maybe one day OPG will have some kind of launch party which involves both of them.

San Francisco

Pop up stores are not a new things, and San Francisco has been using this concept to help embrace neighbourhood revitalization.

According to SQFT, pop-ups have the potential to bring a buzz of activity to the area by boosting foot traffic, supporting existing business, and potentially luring permanent businesses. “Temporary leasing allows creative entrepreneurs access to spaces typically beyond their budget, enables landlords to recoup taxes by testing multiple uses, and brings activity even amidst uncertain planning and development processes,” the organization writes in a press release.

Pop Up Thai

My friend Helen makes the most amazing Thai food as well as sushi and has spent several years in the restaurant business as well as being a brilliant artist and doing a lot of OPG’s artwork, for our workbook, for the row, and for our marine debris project for PADI Aware.  We’d love to visit their pop up Thai restaurants.

Glamourama Ding Dong

My other friend Madame Tukatz, is a fabulous vinyl DJ, and also a make up artist and hairdresser, working for lots of film productions and also this brilliant studio in Manchester who take photos of people with tatoos, piercings, and also do some great themed shoots.  Very excited that they will be one of three studios doing our photo promos for the row.  Tukatz will be offering a series of pop up make overs and vintage hair do’s across Manchester, and I highly recommend you check out her blog ‘Glamourama Ding Dong‘ for all the details.

And who knows, maybe one day I’ll get to visit both pop ups myself!



About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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