Ice is Nice

Limbo Schmimbo

Well, I’m still in limbo at the moment, the last item that I ordered was the one that arrived with me first, but thanks to USA2Georgia that it arrived so promptly and effeciently, so I’m guessing that when you factor in ‘Sod’s Law’ that means that the laptop that is the main thing I am waiting for, and which I paid extra to have shipped first, was the last item to be sent from Apple, and to arrive with USA2Georgia, and will therefore be the very last thing to arrive here! Hence delaying my trip to Latvia, and making me all stressed out as I’m over the time frame that I wanted to be working to, and am still in limbo on the Georgian side, and not feeling particularly motivated to finish decorating the kitchen, which is the last room to be done, before the laminate floors eventually go in, as and when funds allow.  But at least, I have found a way of using my laptop, now I have removed the battery, so hopefully I can catch up on all the office type stuff instead.

Greetings from Concordia

Anyway, rambling today.  But just wanted to mention the lovely Alex, who sent OPG a greeting from Antarctica a few weeks ago, but sadly because of my computer issues, etc, etc, I haven’t had time to upload, so hopefully it will work and I can attach it now.  Pretty crazy to think, that whilst I am sweating here and closing curtains and shutters to keep the sun out, our Patron Alex is in ridiculous minus temperatures and 24hr daylight!!  I have a glass of juice, filled with ice cubes that are fully melted within about 20minutes!! But he was featured on the BBC News a couple of weeks ago for playing the coldest game of tennis ever, you should check out Alex’s blog if you haven’t already: 

rOwPG and Four Birds

Myself and the ocean row team have also now set up a row blog, it is called rOwPG, and the arctic expedition will come under snOwPG, which I think is a very cool play on what we are all about, in other words, OPG (Oceans Project Georgia).  So we have set up a special blog for the row, which will be linked to our OPG website, and means that you can follow our individual stories in the run up and during the row, as well as our official blog on the same site.  There is also a special blog for the lovely Helen in the UK who will be drawing sketches taken from our blog activities during the row, which will be great fun.  A lot of her work is on her facebook page: But anyway, not written anything yet, but I will do and will publish in a day or so, and you can follow our ocean row blog and website here: So that is all very exciting.


Not really in a blogging mood today, so just rambling instead, however, I’ve been invited to write for 15 different blogs this week, so that is all very exciting!  I’ll give you links to those, once I’ve done them.

And without further ado, hopefully, here is Alex’s greeting for us from Antarctica……

Mid Winter Greetings from Concordia PDF


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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