Of Hordes, Fords, and Borders

Your photos have given me wanderlust!!

Making a Difference

We had a few days off of school for Easter. I took that time to travel, but I didn’t go too far. My Easter vacation was spent in a space between Europe and Asia, between the Muslim and Christian world, between modern and ancient. It is a place where Turkish çay is sipped in the shadows of crumbling 11th century Georgian churches. A place where an ancient Armenian metropolis now lies dormant on the steppe just as the Mongol horde left it seven centuries ago. A place shaped by the movements of the Georgians, Armenians, Turks, Mongols, Russians, and Persians. Though this place has names like “the Georgian Valleys,” and some of the locals speak the Kartvelian language Laz, a Turkish visa is required to visit it.

The story begins with four TLG volunteers in the Black Sea city of Trabzon, Turkey. After some signatures and niceties at a…

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About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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