Lisi Lake

Lovely day with the kids at Lisi Lake today, though I’m sure we all have a little sunburn despite applying lots of sun lotion (another training lesson for our Earthwatch expeditions!)! Was 24degrees when I left home at 9am, and everything is still very sandy after the rain and thunder, which included sands from the Sahari over the past few weeks, which should hopefully end tomorrow according to the weather forecast and my neighbour! Basically means lots of folk with red eye, complaining of ‘allergies’, and all my plants and any washing left out in the rain, being coated in brown spots.

Anyway, ’twas a fab day today, and can’t believe next Saturday is our final project session, having worked with the kids since September last year,  So proud of how far they have come, and I know they were begging for us to continue through summer, so will have to see what we can do.  Would be great to do something extra to celebrate the end of the course, like a mini graduation with a certificate or something, will need to think about that??

Project sessions are such a huge part of life now, it’ll be really strange to have Saturdays free again until September. Today we had two scientists (called George, and George) as well as our two Zoo Enrichment Co-ordinators (called Tako and Tako) come to join us for the day, as well as a South African who is teaching in Georgia and a nice chap called Stuart who has lived all around the world, so that was brilliant for getting the kids more confident in speaking English with foreigners and asking questions about life in other countries, its all pretty normal to them now, and funny to think back to how nervous they would get when they first met foreigners, now they are really quite chatty, and its as if their whole body language has changed!!  One of the George’s did his MSc research on the dragonflies at the lake, and he also found us a few turtles, a snake, some guppies (I thought they pretty much lived in the Amazon, but apparently they are an invasive species at the lake and in Georgia!!).  There are two types of turtle at the lake, one of which is IUCN Red Listed, we found a few of those.  And I had to check one of our keen biologists pockets as he had collected quite a few things to add to his herbariums and to look after because they were injured. WIll have to watch him on expedition, otherwise we could have fun going through customs or bringing alien species back to Georgia!!!!

Here are some photos from the day, though sadly they are from my camera, which is still broken and only works sometimes, so the quality isn’t great, and the camera was determined to put the flash on, even though it was unnecessary!!!  Will upload the proper pics later when I have them.  The kids now have until Friday to research the flora and fauna that they found today, and to present their research to the Leaders (hopefully I’ll learn a lot from them, since I really know very little about nature, as much as I love photographing it).


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British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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  1. Lali says:

    What a great kids::)) and fabulous photos ::))

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