Fuizion Food review

Nother great review of Fuizion Foods: they are definitely on to a winner!


Paramo, the Laser Competition and Terrocs, what do they have in common? They were “game changers”. Paramo changed the way we thought about waterproofs, even if not everyone liked them. The Laser Competition shifted the goal posts for single man tents. Inov-8 challenged our concept of appropriate footwear. Along comes Fuizion Food and transforms the quality benchmark for freeze-dried food. Yes, it’s that good.

In my youth, there was no such thing as reconstituting food with boiling water in a pouch. The nearest thing was Vesta meals, which had to be boiled in the pan. When I started backpacking again a few years ago, freeze-dried pouch meals had displaced more conventional food for the weight conscious backpacker.

Being a curious soul, I investigated several types. Be-Well and Expeditions Foods got an enormous thumbs down from me. They were a “substance” rather than food. They had an unpleasant taste and induced extreme flatulence.

Mountain House…

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