Georgia’s Orthodox Easter

Thought I would share my friend’s blog with you about her Easter experiences. Enjoy.

Living Kunz's Blog

Hello all!

Been meaning to post this for a while but due to lack of internet and funds, I just haven’t been able to until now.

On 15 April, Georgia celebrates Easter. Tradition dictates that the women spend several days leading up to the holiday cooking while the men do absolutely nothing to help them in the kitchen.

Then on the official day, they take a good portion of all the food, wine, water, etc. to the cemetery. There, they set up a feast, honoring the dead. Mostly men travel from plot to plot toasting the dead, pouring wine on the deceased’s grave, exchanging words while eating some of the food and then moving on to the next family’s plot.

The women do the majority of the work and walk around to relatives graves placing lit candles, a painted red egg (covered in the blood of Christ) and an overly large…

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