Time to Get the Paint Brushes Out!

Since we don’t have any Oceans Project today, due to it now being Orthodox Easter, I’ve decided to make the most of the opportunity, and to continue with the never ending decorating.  I haven’t done anything for ages, since it was just too cold in the hallway, and soon it will be too hot!  I also got to a point where I was just stuck with it too, as I wanted to remove a door, but the screws were completely stripped.  Luckily, my neighbour had a friend and knew that I had been working on said cupboard for a very long time, and when a very able visitor came to her house for tea, she was quick to bring him over to my place to get him to take a look at it.  After a lot of huffing and puffing (even he found it very difficult, and he was an engineer!), he finally got the door removed.  So now, I have no excuse but to crack on with the decorating again, and now I’m all excited about the revamp and transforming this beautiful building that I really love and which has so many quirks.

But first of all, I’ve vowed to finally make some hot cross buns (or at least attempt to make them!).  My oven only has one setting, and that is very hot, so that’ll be interesting, and I also haven’t really figured out the flour situation after all this time.  I know there is namtswaris puri (no idea how you spell it, but namtswari means cake and puri means bread), but I was told that it means flour?  It seems to work when I ask for it, if they have it, and they usually scoop me out a kilo of the stuff from their big white sacks.  In England I’m used to all different kinds of flour, including bread flour, self raising, and plain, and I’m sure my granny will laugh and be ashamed to know that after all her years as a home economics teacher, I still don’t know how to make any traditional British foods like hot cross buns, and I have no idea what kind of flour I am using to make them! Or that I don’t have different temperature settings on my oven.  But in my defence, I am thinking about doing some sewing to jazz up the house a bit, and also using some of the old palets from Nika (the green grocer downstairs) to knock together some worktops for the kitchen, so I must have some of the King and Barlow genes in there somewhere, but I’m not sure I’ll become very adept at it.  Though I do think it should count towards my Pacific Ocean training, as being able to fix things could come in quite useful, as will my cleaning muscles, when I need to snorkel under our boat to scrub off barnacles and things during the row!

So today’s mission is very much a homely day, baking, laundry, decorating, but it’ll be nice to step away from the computer and fundraising for a few hours, and I always find that decorating really allows my mind to wonder and it usually becomes very creative, and helps me process a lot of project related stuff.

So I’ll love you and leave you for today, with some pictures from our pre-school session.  The kids took hundreds of photos, so I selected just a couple, and I tried to not include too many of the kids themselves, even though we had some brilliant ones.  I’m always a bit unsure about sharing photos of kids on the internet, but I think its also good to see how busy our Oceans Ambassadors are and what a great job they are doing.  I’m also in desperate need of a new wardrobe and a hair cut, especially as the film crew will arrive soon and start filming OPG over the next year or so, and I also have lots of media and sponsorship meetings and things approaching, so I’m going to have to start beautifying myself a bit, which is ironic given that I have zero income for now until we get funds, and that my life is entirely focused on making funding grants right now.  There are so many grants we can apply for, but we are missing deadlines left, right and centre as there just isn’t enough time to complete them all.  Sadly they all take around 8 months to process, but if we get at least one of them, then we will be in a really strong position within the next twelve months and able to do so many great things in the community and for the environment.  I’m also now waiting for skype meetings and things, in relation to my PhD, then as soon as those as done and final decisions made, I’ll be able to apply for funds for my research too.  Will tell you more about that later, but lets just say, its pioneering and could have massive impacts on governments, movie making, and the environment come the future.  And I’m very excited about it, and the collaboration potential, so the next four years could prove to be really amazing for me.  Right….paint brushes and hot cross buns calling.


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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