Gardening from a Boat

The theme of today’s blog is very much about gardening, gardening, and gardening.  It is pretty much inspired by the OPG kids who are now busy putting in plants and watering plants around the zoo, and also the Ambassadors who have chosen gardening as their skill for the International Award, something I hadn’t really expected, but am very pleased about.  I’m also very excited to think about ways in which we can make the zoo a much nicer area, not just for visitors, but for the animals too, and if gardening is a way to do that, then brilliant.  I know its not much, but every little helps and it is a step of progress and is something that we are in a position to do right now.  I really love that OPG is an NGO as it really does open up a lot more opportunities for us to do good in Georgia.  For example, we can apply for funds which allow us to implement small changes in the zoo, with stray animals, and with promoting things like skin care in the sun, or healthy eating, or whatever.  So there are lots of plans afoot, under the umbrella of OPG.

Anyway, I have now added a new page to our OPG website: and it is dedicated to gardening and healthy eating.  This includes gardening myself at home, gardening at the zoo, and most importantly gardening during our Pacific Ocean row!  This will definitely be a first and a great little project.  And before you snigger, eve astronauts are growing thing sin there sterile environments in space, so there!  If its good enough for NASA and ESA, then its flippin’ well good enough for the Coxless Rowers! So this is my little project!  But I need to practice more at home first.

My plants are growing super quick so far, but I’m not entirely sure whether I should start putting them in bigger pots soon?  My lovely neighbour Lali has also given me some parsley seeds that she picked up from the market, and apparently I can order some peppermint, which will be great.  I still really want some lavender on my window sills, but I don’t think you can get lavender here, so I might have to see if anyone is bobbing back to the UK at any point soon, and see whether they will bring a load of seeds back for me.  I wish I’d had some daffodil bulbs too.  Lavender would be so lovely on the window, and smell beautiful in the breeze. I think it would grow here ok??

Some pictures of my seedlings, and balconies, need lots of ideas for how to make them nicer for the summer:

New resident on the balcony!

I also seem to have a new cat on the balcony, a lovely cat, but a stray no less, and I’m always worried about my own cat picking up diseases and getting sick, as happened with Uisce most likely.  But this new cat is very friendly, and having felt her belly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she appears with kittens one day.  She looks in pretty good shape given that she is a stray, and Isla thinks she is great.  I really want to bring my vet friends to Georgia and raise funds through OPG to start a small vaccination and spaying project, even if it is just for the ones on the street for now.  Would save a lot of problems in the long term.

Anyway, lots to do, so just a little blog today.  But I did get a brilliant page of exercises from fellow ocean rower Sally Kettle, they are brilliant, really easy to follow, and just perfect for me.  So am massively excited about that!

Going to leve you today with a clip from Melinda Myers who is going to be my virtual gardener and will help me to come up with plants for the row:

And if you want to see just how much of a challenge, growing plants on a 23 foot ocean rowing boat might be, then check out Alistair’s video of his Atlantic row:





About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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