Its nice to hear a happy cat story. I’ve experienced both sides in Georgia, but I think a lot of the problem comes from people just being really afraid of catching diseases from animals, not surprising given the follow up of rabies injections. There are so many stray cats and dogs, and it really makes me happy to hear such a lovely story about a cat being taken in by a family. I too, only feel at home when there is a cat around:)

Making a Difference

I love cats! I have grown up my entire life around cats, and after living abroad for 5 years, I have finally found a family internationally who has a cat. Japanese families may have small dogs, but that’s about the only pet you will find in their homes. South Koreans hate cats and are oftentimes afraid of them; it is a terribly rare occasion that you would see a family with a cat. Kuwait had plenty of cats, but they all lived on the streets and were quite dirty. Occasionally a foreigner would take a cat in but never a Kuwaiti family.

My host family in Georgia has a cat! His name is Rizhi (pronounced Reejee); he’s less than a year old. From what I can tell, he just showed up at their door one day, and they took him in. This cat is very well respected in the household…

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