really hope we get to go to Belize in the summer, looks amazing!

Earthwatch Unlocked

Marine scientists working in conservation don’t often get the chance to conduct clear-cut “before and after” studies. After all, you can’t put up a fence around a chunk of seafloor to see if that helps protect it.

So you can forgive Dr. John Cigliano’s enthusiasm for his current Earthwatch expedition, Before and After in Belize: Testing a Marine Reserve. This project has conditions that may come along once in a scientist’s career: same species focus, same area, same methodology, one major change.

It’s enough to make even non-scientists get worked up about mollusks.

In this case: giant snails. Queen conch, to be specific. Pronounced like “a conk on the head,” at least if you don’t want to be laughed at by the locals.  Call them Strombus gigus—“giant spiral shell,” roughly, in Latin—if you want to impress the researchers.

A Research Opportunity Fit for a Queen?

These gastropods (and how…

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