A Very Quick Update Blog

Just a quick blog, I realised I haven’t written anything for a while, and lots has been happening, so just a quick update, especially as its almost 3am and I have school in a few hours.

Been pretty hectic with Oceans Project Georgia, and have also realised that we are probably needing to up the ante a little if we are to progress, that means I need to work super duper hard on us getting the funding so that we can do all the great things we want to do longer term.

We had a really great piece about us on the Earthwatch website, you can read it online here: http://www.earthwatch.org/europe/newsroom/enewsletter/enewsletter-january-2012/

I’m also now an Education Ambassador for a very cool British Charity known as ‘Education through Expeditions’ which was set up by Polar Explorer Antony Jinman, and brings geography and learning to life through live interactions with explorers and scientists live from the field.  It is a brilliant tool for any teacher, no matter what subject, and there are lots of resources on there for teachers.  It also means that schools and institutions around the world can all hook up, so the kids in my geography class can now have discussions and watch videos of, for example, an Inuit school in Greenland. We also now have our own page up on the site for Oceans Project Georgia, so if you have five minutes, please take a look: http://www.etelive.org/content/contentete.numo?id=171

I’m using the ETE resource for my geography lessons at school and for the Oceans Ambassadors on Oceans Project, so it has been fantastic so far, and I’m looking forward to updating information and getting into discussions on there.

I’ve also started a Geography Blog for my students at school.  I decided in the end, to base my lessons on the BBC Planet Earth series, since most of my students have never been out of Georgia, let alone travelled in Georgia, and even those who have have mainly been abroad for shopping purposes rather than anything educational or cultural.  So the BBC series seems to bridge a massive gap and helps to get the message across.  Its very difficult to teach the fineries of geography to kids who have absolutely no concept of the world and not inquisitive or curious as to why things are the way they are, and being able to see things and in High Definition seems to be doing the trick.  I don’t think I have heard so many ‘vaiiimeee’s’ for quite some time, and if nothing else the fluffy animals and chase scenes seem to get the pulses going of even the very girly students who generally have little interest in anything other than their nail varnish and cell phone. Its quite time consuming to run the blog, and its a big experiment, but the series actually covers a lot of material and creates good discussions, which we can then link to our text books and activity books, and just getting them into the concept of thinking philosophically or from a  different point of view is great in itself.  Check out the blog here: http://britishconnectiongeography.wordpress.com/

What’s more, it means that students and parents no longer have the opportunity to complain that I am not sending any homework home for the students and any excuses about having been sick and missed the lesson. Everything is going to be on the blog, including student homework so that should hopefully create a little creativity and competition and parents can’t argue when every other student in class has submitted homework and their child hasn’t so is getting poor grades.  It should be a good revision tool too, and good for students who are weaker in English, as they can go over material at their own pace as much as they like.

What else?? Well, I’ve started to update the Oceans Project website: http://www.oceansproject.com and I’ve been thinking I should update our National Geographic Page too: http://natgeoadventure.tv/uk/User.aspx?userId=22136

I’ve made a couple of not so interesting little videos for my students about trees and tourism:

I’ve been stripping the wallpaper in the little corridor and been busy with the decorating. And my friend Felicity Aston became the first woman to traverse Antarctica:

And my friend Sarah Outen, finally got her Ocean Rowing boat out of customs ready for her row in about 2.5weeks time as part of her London to London expedition.  Being surrounded by so much adventure, and still being disappointed at my not being able to take part in the Ice Warrior expedition and my dream to reach the Pole of Inacessibility due to med school telling me I couldn’t go, I still have one expedition in me and need to do something personal like that in my life, especially whilst I’m still fit enough to do so, as I can feel my body starting to age already, especially having moved to Georgia and no longer being able to exercise or maintain a healthy diet.

So, I was pretty excited this week to hear about an Ocean Row across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii, taking place in 2014, and am half thinking about taking part, in aid of my soon to be NGO and Registered charity Oceans Project Georgia.  That would just be great.  I’ve also this week come across a coastal run in the Amazon, which also looks good, and could be the challenge I am looking for.  Its all a question of funding right now, and whether or not I have the motivation to raise the funds, especially as I’m in the process of seeking around £500,000 in sponsorship for Oceans Project so I can create a proper full on environmental education programme longer term. All depends on how the adoption process goes to, not looking hopeful right now, but will see how things go.  Meantime, I’m just busy with school and project, and surviving.

This week is a case of starting to work on project PR and applying for sponsorship for expeditions.

That’s about all for now…..until next time! In the meantime, I’d like to leave you with today’s TED lecture, given by one of my Neuropsychology tutors:



About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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