A Wee Christmas Blog

Merry Christmas, and hope you are all having a lovely warm one, with lots of pressies from Santa.  It isn’t Christmas in Georgia until January, so pretty much normal day to day stuff for now, and school doesn’t finish until Wednesday officially.  And the poor children have end of term exams until then!  And after that, they have holidays and I will have a lot of exam marking to do, so pretty busy as always.


Anyway, am thoroughly enjoying a few peaceful days to myself, and am just taking a few minutes to have a cup of tea and a break from grouting the bathroom tiles, as I have about ten days in which to mark exams, do my funding applications for the Oceans Project, write next term’s lesson plans, and to decorate the bathroom, and hopefully my new bedroom.  Then I’m off to Austria for a school trip for a few weeks before school starts again.  So far so good on the bathroom decoration, been cleaning lots, probably the most active I have been in a while, so will get me a little fitter for Austria I hope!!

There are no B and Q type shops here, so purchasing the necessary decorating items has been quite fun, especially with the obvious language barrier!  Try miming wallpaper paste, hammerite paint, and such tings!  Negotiating prices, and traipsing around a huge market looking for the best price.  Actually it wasn’t too bad, and it was a lot more exciting than any hardware store I have ever been too.  Hundreds and hundreds of permanent market stalls selling all sorts of odds and ends.  Some things don’t seem to exist here in terms of my usual and familiar building supplies, so I’m getting quite creative!  Just hope my grouting sticks and it looks ok in the end!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some videos from Friday’s end of term concert for parents, by my Junior school classes.  They really do put British kids to shame:) and I think its probably just Britain where guys can’t dance for toffee!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy them, I teach them all Geography, and they look like cherubs here, very cute, and very self confident.

We also had the Oceans Project Christmas party, which was a great success, but I will write more about that later, as need to go before my grout dries.

Merry Christmas for now, and enjoy your holidays xxxx

First Grade (I don’t teach them yet, but I know some of them from Pre School)

My Third Graders

My Fourth Grade

My Fifth Grade





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British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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