More Bob the Bunny Pictures

As promised, here are some more pictures drawn by my students at school as part of the United Nations Environmental/Volvo Adventure project…enjoy:

This has to be the best picture ever about consumption, greedy rabbit eats too many carrots and gets very fat! One of the smartest and most creative third graders I have ever met, I’d love to come back and meet him when he is a grown up and see what he has become.  Such a cool kid.

The kids have in general produced some really amazing art work for the competition so far, but the biggest challenge has been to get them to understand the concept of rules and that they are non negotiable.  They had to work in groups with a maximum of three children, and they really had to learn that no matter of pleading would allow them to work as a four.  Thems are the rules!!!  So, its been a big lesson for them on that front. Learning to conform.  Its also been tricky in terms of plagiarism, and getting them to understand that whilst a photocopy of a story containing a rabbit is all lovely, it actually breaks not just the rules of the competition, but also international laws….no matter how beautifully you colour it!  The other lesson has been in getting them to stick to the topic of the environment, which is the main point of the competition.  We have spent a long time learning about the environment, and making sure that they understand the topic and English and what is expected of them.  On the plus side, its great that they have all been so active, but on the other hand their is still a big problem that they think they can choose what they can do, not that the task is to come up with a storyline about an environmental problem and solution.  Its a big problem throughout school, and its something that is going to take me a long time to get across.  But its a big deal, especially for those taking the GCSE and A’Level exams in Geography.  It doesn’t matter what you know about topic x, the question has three marks and it is wanting these answers, and the examiner doesn’t care whether you don’t feel like writing about that topic today.

Its quite a challenge right now, and it is why this kind of competition is really beneficial to the children I teach.  Those who have been on the Oceans Project are already miles ahead of those just in class, and they are really passionate about the environment anyway.  They just get it, and I have to say, that those guys have come up with some fantastic and inspirational solutions to environmental problems, far more than I had expected.  And it would be fantastic for their work to be published and for them to get to Sweden to represent Georgia at the finals, but the other guys have a long way to go still.  But they will get there, I just have to keep chipping away, and if I’m teaching at school from third grade until they leave at 18years old, then hopefully they will turn out to be some very cool and aspiring geographers longer term, but it is going to be a long battle for me.

But, the entries are pretty much finished now, and this week I plan to post their entries to Sweden….then we just have to wait and see!


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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  1. Good to hear that you’re able to feel good about your school kids despite Uisce’s death.

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