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I’m really looking forward to Christmas and the holidays.  Not because I’m going to be in my own place, not because I’m going to Austria, not because Santa’s supposed to come…..nope, I’m looking forward to Christmas because as of the 30th December I have school holidays, which means I have about 2 weeks holiday in which I can totally strip the room down, and decorate, and put together my new bedroom, and later the rest of the house.

It might not seem like a big deal, but it is.  It means the beginning of my new and proper life in Georgia, with a base and a place where I can be settled, somewhere to call home.  This is also a step closer to my being able to adopt, and my future life. So I am really, really excited!

Have loads of ideas already, and I have always loved decorating, so here is the first of many new blank canvasses to work on, as well as getting the plumbing fixed, windows in, and all those other jobs!  So, today’s blog is a collection of pictures that I find inspirational……

The Bedroom

Neither of these are massively exciting, but I’m interested in them, because they both are similar to the room I plan to decorate, in its style and character and size, apart from which they both have a parquet floor as do I.  But I need to sand mine, fix it, and then varnish and seal it, or alternatively could put laminate on the top of it, which really seems a shame and an unnecessary expense.

Really like this monochrome effect bedroom design, nice architectural features, and still feels warm and cosy.

I don’t so much like the style or design of the bedroom in the picture above, but I do really like the colour scheme.  Might be a bit too dark for here though.

Now the style of the room above would really work nicely in the house, but in which room?? It would also work nicely with something like the design below too:

and of course, every geography teacher needs a bedside lamp like this:

A little too crowded and fussy for my liking, but the pictures are pretty cool in their large number:

I don’t really like the room so much, but I love the colour:

Now, the design below would easily suit the apartment, but I don’t know if I would want to live in it? Maybe for the lounge?

Could very easily pull of these designs too, but not sure they are very me, or maybe they are?


I’d also really like to revamp the bathroom, and knock down the wall into the second toilet which doesn’t work, especially if it meant I could install a bath.  A bigger project, but has potential, and I also plan to paint the green tiles white, something along these lines:

Or, if it isn’t possible to knock through the wall, then to get the shower looking something like this:

I really love the natural feel and terrace garden feel of these rooms, wonder if I can do something like this with natural light and the balcony in my place????

Ideas for the Living Room

There is something missing from this room, and its not exactly what I am after, but I like the cleanliness, warmth, and the light, so it is part the way there….

I really like the overall drama and theme of this room, but its not there yet:

a warm and fun room, yet still fairly minimal and simple, and easy to update with time:

with some funky sheep pictures:

This one is a bit more grown up, but very cosy and elegant:

Really love the feel of this room, and it is definitely the kind of feel I am going for in my home, especially love the colour of the wooden floor:

Wow, this would make a brilliant room for a teenager:

Kitchen Ideas

Really like this as a design for a kitchen:

Nice, clean, and light, but would look awful in my place here sadly:

Really love these dark colours for the kitchen, soft and natural too:

The picture below isn’t right, but its headed in the right direction of the kind of kitchen I’d like:

I love the idea of brown walls, with a little bottle green, and some black units:

more kitchen colour scheme:

more kitchen colours:

loving these bird in a cage stickers, and think they would be perfect for the kitchen:

 this wallpaper is perfect for the kitchen wall too:

perfect picture:


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