Week 7: Oceans Project, 12th November 2011

Brilliant day on the Oceans Project today, and more new guys also joined us, that makes over 70 Oceans Ambassadors now.  Today was the last day for new students to arrive, so now we will start recruiting for a second Saturday group, to start in January after the Christmas holidays, and will also be running a university group too.

Today we watched the final instalment of the BBC Oceans series, episode 2 about the Southern Ocean.  We learnt about maori octopus, Eaglehawk Bay, Tasmania, diving entry, sea pens, time lapse photography, sea slugs, australian fur seals, ecosystems, lobsters, urchins, and conservation biology.  We also saw a little bit from the BBC Planet Earth series on the deep ocean.

Next, we talked about our expeditions and did some expedition preparation, and talked about our Duke of Edinburgh Awards, until Nikoloz the Film Director arrived.

Last session , Nikoloz set the guys a task, to come up with a storyline for a short film of about 5 minutes, and today the Oceans Ambassadors talked to the rest of the group about their idea for a story, and gave Nikoloz their scripts and ideas.  Nikoloz will now read these and decide which is the best idea for a short film, and we will work on making it in the future sessions.  If the film is good enough, then we plan to enter it into several film competitions and festivals around the world, especially those designed for young people.  This is really exciting for the young people and a great opportunity for them to get some real experience from experts in the field of film making.

Nikoloz showed us two trailers of his own work, one from a film which will be released in cinemas from January, called the ‘Forgotten King’, and a second which was a 5 minute film he wrote called ‘I am the Message’.  Both were shot in one continuous take, and the longer film has just won a Guiness World Record as the longest film ever to be made in one continuous take.  The kids were really excited, and I think they will love working with Nikoloz and getting advice on their own film ideas.  He is truly a great guy and we are really happy that he has given up his free time to join us on the Oceans Project.

Here are two clips of Nikoloz’s work:

He also gave some feedback on a short video made by some of our Ambassadors about the clean up trip that we had to Kakheti on Sunday, and I think that by the time we get to the expeditions, we will have some truly amazing young film makers on our adventures!!!!  I absolutely love this video that they made of our day, and I have to admit to sharing a little tear of pride as I watched it with them for the first time today.  I can’t begin to think what kind of production they will come up with once they have had some training in film making, and also once we have been able to secure funding for some basic film making equipment.  I can’t describe to you how proud I am of everything we have achieved so far, even in just a few weeks, so I hope to see them continue to grow over the next few months and beyond.  I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did:


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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