A Little Mid Term Humour

I’m a little surprised and amused at just how much I have enjoyed my mid term exam marking. On the one hand I feel a warm fuzzy sense of pride in the students who have surprised me with their brilliant exam scores and those who gave perfect answers. I’m hopeful now, for the students who I knew were struggling, but who I wasn’t sure how to help, since I didn’t know the exact nature of their struggle. But most surprisingly, I often found myself smiling or bursting into fits of laughter at the use of humour by some of my students. A part of me is almost pleased that they couldn’t answer the question properly, since without that, they never would have entertained me and made me laugh so much.

It isn’t a phenomenon unique to Georgia, and that is also kind of refreshing. That geography teachers everywhere, all around the world, are probably enjoying their marking just as much as me.

I’ll share some of their answers with you, and you can tell me if you feel the same. It’s not meant as an attack on my students in any way, more a sharing of the delight that I get from being a Geography teacher and from being in such a privileged position. I admire them in so many ways, as they are not only learning Geography, and how to answer British structured questions, but they are also doing so in a language which is not their own and which they are still learning. Here they are, and I hope you enjoy them as much as me…

1) What do you know about the San Andreas Fault? answer: nothing!

2) In terms of farming, how do we use fold mountains, and why? What do we farm? answer: we get wine from goats.

3) How were the Alps formed? answer: They formed 30 million years ago when the Alps were passing through Germany on their way to Switzerland, Austria, and France.

4) What is the difference between the two types of crust? answer: the oceanic crust is thick and tense, the continental live under ground.

5) when two plates collide, what is the cause of the earthquakes? answer: the epicentre is the point at which they are attracted to each other.

6) what is a seismograph? answer: a seismograph is a weapon with which you measure the power of earthquakes.

7) what kind of trees are grown in the Alps and why? answer: carnivores (Christmas ones) because they rise quick.

8) what kinds of trees are grown in the Alps and why? answer: carnivores because other ones lose leaves.

9) on what kind of plate boundary do earthquakes occur? answer: not the old ones.

10) what causes tsunamis? answer: trees

11) where are the Alps? answer: they are mountains because they are far away.

12) (bonus question) Give one health problem that is common in Switzerland, explain why it occurs, and how it is linked to the local geography. {the answer was to do with the soil being low in iodine, which leads to thyroid problems in people living there, the problem is solved by eating chocolate}. answer: In Switzerland is no money and it is a big problem. Where the country is pure it can’t do anithink at all. and its cold, so everyone dies of cold and lung problems, its very bad.

13) How many people live in the Alps? answer: not too much

14) How have people adapted to the Alps? answer: they go skiing, fishing, and swim.

15) what causes tsunamis? answer: earth cakes

There are so many more!!! Can’t wait until the next instalment of tests…maybe I need to get out more:)


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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