Time for some pants???

Suddenly feeling really pants today. Waiting for the paracetamol and hot toddy to kick in, along with a hot water bottle and early night. Have a really sore throat which is slowly creeping onto my chest, ear ache, headache, sore eyes and suddenly tired….guess its time for a cold then:( Combination of tiredness from the new job, being exposed to lots of new bugs from the kids I work with, and also the drop in temperature from about 40 to 18degrees in the space of about a month. School was pretty rubbish today, my third grade and ninth grades just wouldn’t stop talking today and the boys at pre school were driving everyone nuts, but the other pre schoolers made my day. They were so cute, and just cuddled up at the end of the day when we watched some Russian cartoons to calm then down a bit (cinderella to be precise), and they were super super cute, to the point where I pretty much melted and wanted to adopt most of them. Doesn’t happen often with me, but was a nice change to giving the other kids a hard (and well deserved) day today. Last week they were much better, but from talking to the other teachers it seems that it comes in swings and flows for each lesson and subject. Doesn’t help that I feel so rubbish too, but hopefully will pick up again, otherwise all was well. Totally need an early night before tomorrow at school though. And we have the oceans project on a Saturday this week, so that’ll be a hectic weekend.

Anyway, can’t write more today as feel really rough and everything aches, so its an early night for me and a hot cognac. Night all.


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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