Jāņi/Liga Festival

Butterfly, LatviaCricket, Jurmalciems, LatviaCricket, LatviaCricket, LatviaCricketGrasshopper or Cricket?
Butterfly, Jurmalciems, LatviaButterfly from Below, Jurmalciems, LatviaButterfly from Below, Jurmalciems, LatviaButterfly, jurmalciems, LatviaButterfly, Jurmalciems, LatviaButterfly, Jurmalciems, Latvia
Green Butterfly, Jurmalciems, LatviaJanis Day Celebrations, Jurmalciems, LatviaOrange Butterfly, Jurmalciems, LatviaCaterpillar, Jurmalciems, LatviaWindy Beach, Jurmalciems, LatviaCaterpillar, Jurmalciems, Latvia
Sunrise, after Janis/Liga Festival, Jurmalciems, LatviaJanis Fest Fire, Traditionally we jump over the fire during the night to cleanse us for the new year.Janis/Liga Festival fire, a night when the spirits are up to mischief, and we celebrate summer solstice, jumping over the fire and we ligo (sway) all night.Liga Festival Fire. Birch is also important due to its magical properties, and it is a favourite of white witches.Isla by the fire on Janis Fest.Me and my Sister in Latvia.

Jāņi/Liga Festival, a set on Flickr.


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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