Another oceans project update!

wow, I have been so impressed by the support we have received for the oceans project so far, and to know that so many people are behind the whole concept.

Its going to be a massive undertaking, but when we get such great feedback and comments, it really gives me the drive move forward.

So, I guess it isn’t so much of a blog today, but a few thank you’s to people for their help. There is a lot of potential for things taking place in Georgia, and to be a part of that process is really cool.

First, I want to thank polar explorer, Founder of Education through Expeditions, and leader of the International Scott Centenary Expedition 2012, Antony Jinman, for all his kind words and support. This means a massive deal to me, especially as he is already so busy preparing for his own expedition right now.

Second, Ocean Rower and environmental campaigner Roz Savage, who is today on her 84th day at sea, as she single handedly rows her way across the Indian Ocean from Australia to India. Roz is full of encouragement and positive messages, and has been a real inspiration behind the project, as for every oar stroke and battle she has at sea, she is everyday getting closer to reaching India, just as we are taking baby steps with our oceans project here. When I have a down day, then I always look to Roz to hear how her day has been, and everyday, I am moved by what she writes.

Third, to James Fry, the man behind our Earthwatch Expeditions, and who is organising things from his office in Boston, USA, and doing all the behind the scenes work, like liasing with the researchers in the field to check about dates and age limits, and other such stuff. James sent me some really kind words this week, which meant a great deal.

Fourth, to the parents, teachers, and children of public school 56 who are really behind the project, and who are keeping my spirits up by inviting me swimming, or for coffee, or to talk over fundraising ideas.

Fifth, Kitty Graves, from the Derien Book Foundation who have agreed to send over books from the USA for the project here, and who are offering this opportunity to anyone teaching here in Georgia with TLG or the Peace Corps. They have been running their amazing project for years, and all on a voluntary capacity. And you can find out more about them here: http://weebly-link/923827107843265049

Sixth, Maddie from Romania who has been following my arrancat blog since I arrived in Georgia, and who has offered really kind words of late., and has really encouraged me to keep writing.

Seventh, Christie, a lady from the USA who loved the BBC Oceans series, and whilst doing a search on facebook, came across my project and contacted me. Watch this space, as she may be running the same project at her school in America too! And wow how much difference can we make if other schools around the world get involved on this kind of level!

Eighth, The European Space Agency, who offered the chance for schools to get involved in two of their educational projects, to ‘train like an astronaut’, and ‘classroom in space’. As well as the opportunity for children to talk to the astronauts in space. Sadly, I don’t think the Ministry are interested in taking part, which is a massive shame, but maybe other teachers around the world would be intererested?? If so, more details here: http://weebly-link/875890692282937360 I have emailed both the Minister for Education and the Minister for Environment, as well as TLG, so lets see if they get back in touch.

Ninth, Humphrey Legge, an Environmental Assistant working with the Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN) here in Georgia. On Saturday, the oceans project members will be joining them for this event, so come along and join us if you are free:

“Europe House in Tbilisi are organizing a clean up of a river in Gergeti on Saturday and they have asked me to inform European volunteers in Georgia about the possibility of taking part.

The clean up will take place on Saturday the 30th of July, and will be an excellent opportunity to see amazing Georgian countryside, do something good for the local environment and meet other volunteers in Georgia. We will be clearing the river of rubbish and placing ‘no rubbish’ signs in the area”.

All really positive stuff, and I hope it will get better still, thanks so much everyone, it all makes a massive difference to us here.

Sarah xx


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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