Isla and Ranulph playing on the beachIsla demonstrates how to roll a husky!Italian Greyhound Versus Siberian Husky=Iggy wins!IslaRanulph - getting bigger and less puppy like everydayThe Elegance of an Italian Greyhound and the Gooffyness of the Siberian Husky
chase gameAnd he's down (again!)Dogs playing on the beachDoggies demonstrating sumo wrestling!Isla and Ranny playing on the beachPlaytime!
Isla and Gertieislaislasmiling faceLesser spotted Ranulph, now about 3months oldit gets cold in the caribbean you know.
Ranulph growing up fast.Isla and AliseIslaisla playingislaIsla

Pets, a set on Flickr.

Really can’t wait to have my pets here with me in Georgia! Let’s just hope everything goes to plan!!!


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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