Georgia Really is a Small Country

    Georgia Really is a Small Country

I have been travelling around Georgia quite a lot the past few weeks, and I am suddenly starting to feel that I need more space and unfamiliarity. Georgia is tiny, with just 3.4million inhabitants in the whole country and it has really surprised me of late. For all the time that I lived in London, I never got bored, and I have still not seen even the half of London, with its 9million city dwellers. Every area of London is different, with its China town, docklands, posh areas, Jewish quarters, and so forth. You can eat any food from any country in the world in London, but not in Georgia. I could never be tired of London, and I could never explore of all the streets no matter how hard I tried. Yet, I am starting to feel bored in Georgia after such a relatively short time. Nothing is new any more, I know the streets, and where to go, and it is difficult to find unexplored places. Its making me feel quite claustrophobic, and I am definitely starting to get itchy feet. Yes, I am flying to Latvia next week, but I am not going anywhere new or exciting, or for a holiday. I have been to Riga airport so many times, and I am going home to our village, where I know everything.

I am desperately in need of new sights and smells right now. I need adrenaline and being on the edge of my seat with anticipation because the surroundings are unfamiliar and novel. Living in Georgia is going to be difficult if I feel hemmed in by finance or whatever. I need to go somewhere new. To do so, means I need to earn enough money to travel in my holidays, and to somewhere I have never been before, maybe Moscow or Venice?? I am not saying that I know all of Georgia yet, by any means, but I need to meet new people and see new things, and taste different foods, I need less predictability, in fact, what I really need is a holiday!!

I went on a TLG excursion a little while ago, and it was funny (and also sad) to realise just how much of Georgia can be travelled to in one day. We went from Tbilisi to Kutaisi to Borjomi to Vardzia, and then back to those places, all in just one day, or roads that I have been on numerous times, and where I know every inch of the way. It takes about 20 hours to go from one end of Britain to the other, by fast train, and without stopping to visit the sights, and you can even take flights to the little islands. I am craving some Scottish lochs and scenery right now, and I would give anything to be back there. I miss swimming in the lidos in London, and lochs of Scotland, I miss the English coats, I miss the Outdoor Swimming Society. Georgia just doesn’t have this sadly:( Or maybe it does, but I have yet to discover it? Maybe I just have to quit whining, get out there, find some swims of my own, and create my own new society???? That or I invite Kate Rew and some of the OSS (Outdoor Swimming Society) to Georgia for a holiday?

One of my favourite British swims, the Fairy Pools on one of my favourite Scottish Islands ‘The Isle of Skye’. My dog gets her name ‘Isla’ because it is gaelic for island, and my cat is called Uisce which is gaelic for water. Here is a video of Kate Rew at the Fairy Pools:

In Britain, we have so many different climates and such amazing scenery, but Georgia just lacks that a bit, and I am getting fed up of hearing from Georgian people about the beautiful nature in Georgia. It is lovely, I am not denying that, but it is covered in litter, and is nowhere near as breathtaking as the UK, and it makes me frustrated, because I want to show my kids from school how beautiful my country is, and to get over this national pride, when so many people do not look after what they have. Its just frustrating!

Maybe I am spoiled, but this is where I lived for many years, before I moved to London:

I don’t know why I feel so annoyed about this, but I am sure the reason behind it is a good one. Maybe I am home sick, maybe I don’t want to be so attached to Georgia in case everything falls apart this week, or maybe its because I am getting so attached to the kids at my school and because I want to share my experiences of the world with them? I want to take them to the Amazon Jungle, to the Galapagos, to India, to Scotland. I want to get them over this naivety that they have, and this attitude of Georgia being the best place in the world, and every other country being dirty. I want them to experience other countries before they develop such prejudice, I want them to try new foods, to see different things, to hear different sounds. I want them to learn about the world around them, because at the moment, they are just living in a bubble of attitudes not their own, but due to national conditioning, not helped by their school text books. I want so much more for them than this. They are the most amazing kids, and they deserve much more.


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British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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