I Definitely Have a Screw Loose!

I am having one of those pure contented and happy moments, but for reasons that most people would find confusing! I am listening to some fantastic Georgian music, indoors in the dry and warm, drinking proper tea with milk, after a lovely hot shower, and have just put on freshly laundered and clean smelling clothes. We had a power cut for a while, and the electricity is also back on, so it feels a little like Christmas to me now! Its always the littlest things in life which make me happy! Outdoors there is a chorus of thunder, a brilliant lightening display, and the abrupt patter of raindrops on the tin roof. My perfect recipe for happiness!

I am still not used to the weather, and its still quite a shock after the winter season, but its one thing that I am really loving about Georgia. Today was hot and humid as ever, and I am almost back to my Caribbean lifestyle of wanting showers at least once a day, and to be outdoors swimming as much as possible. But I again, failed, to take head of what the Georgians around me were doing, as I emerged from the metro station, and against my better judgement, decided that a few drops of rain were not going to stop me from walking home! Especially since I am a Brit and I was brought up on an island where it rains everyday (at least according to our textbooks at school!). Of course, I knew better than everyone else, and I smirked a little as I saw the Georgians hiding from the rain, worrying about their shoes getting wet. Apart from anything, I was also smart enough to bring an umbrella with me…what harm could a few drops of rain do!

But, I should have learnt my lesson the last time this happened! It was more than a few drops of rain, it was a river rushing down the street, and I soon realised that there was no point in trying to hop puddles, as the water was over my ankles and flowing very fast. I was instantly wet, and once I was wet there was no point in turning back. It was lovely!! So refreshing and cool after the hot day, and I felt very free and alive as I walked home, smug that I was the only person not taking shelter, and for the first time, I would not have to dodge around indecisive and laid back Georgians making their way home. I got back in record time, totally soaked, knowing that I only owned one pair of shoes, which would now be wet, but also exhilarated and content, and feeling alive. For once, everyone is away from home, so I also have some peace and quiet and time to enjoy the sounds of Tbilisi outside in the rain. Perfection!

Tbilisi has been looking superb of late, and I am pleased to see that the government has planted greenery along the street in Rustaveli, which is watered by little sprinklers. Its also one advantage of all the rain, that Georgia is looking its best right now, with greenery galore, and so very different to the dust and greys of the Winter. The streets are really looking very nice now, especially with all the outdoor seating and new street lights. It will be exciting to see how the country changes over the next few years.

I am pretty sure that the police do not read my blog, but I would like to give them a special mention today, and to thank them for the good work they have been doing lately. This was the second crazy rainstorm that I have seen in the past few weeks, and I have been immensely impressed at how professional and helpful the police have seemed during these times. Its hard for people not here to understand what chaos the rain causes, but consider that I was over my ankles in rushing water within just 5 or 10 minutes after being toasted to death by the sun all day. Now, imagine what havoc that creates for roads and cars on streets which are busy and full of crazy Georgian drivers at the best of times. Georgians are not especially used to driving in the rain, particularly when compared to us in England, and many cars broke down when their engines were full of water, and people were getting impatient and nervous, and pipping their horns, far more than usual. there were long lines of traffic, and things were all very hectic. I have witnessed police directing traffic when lights were down, or when drivers could not see through their windscreens properly, have seen them help cars to be towed out of the water, and helping to move cars which have been choked with water and will no longer go. This is the second time I have seen the police behave in such a way, and it really is a credit to them, because they have worked so hard of late, and I wonder how often some one thanks them for their efforts? It is hard to believe that not so long ago, the police were hated because of corruption, and that the whole judicial system has been overhauled. All police, are also learning English now, and that is something that Georgia should be really proud of. There would be outrage in the UK if the police were asked to learn a new foreign language, no matter how useful it would be in terms of their work!

I wanted to write more today, but I am falling asleep, so I think I will leave it there for now. Keep safe people, and catch up again soon. xx


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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