The Weather (Yes I am British Through and Through!)

In traditional British fashion, I am going to start today’s blog with a discussion about the weather! Its apparently cloudy and 24degrees c today according to the online forecast, but its pretty humid and reminds me a little of being in the Caribbean, but also in the Amazon Jungle. For the most part it is dry, but then, towards the afternoon, it seems that it rains, sometimes thunders, and there are some brilliant and full rainbows.

I love rainbows, but I hadn’t really seen many since I was in Latvia over last summer, and they have been pretty impressive here, brightly coloured, and sometimes double rainbows. I will add some pictures shortly, of the rainbows over my house in latvia, to give you an idea. But to start you off, and get you into the mood, here is a lovely rainbow that I saw on my way back into Tbilisi:

I am loving the summer smells, the ice cream stands, and the laid back atmosphere and beer gardens, but I am not loving how much slower the local people have become. Especially when I am trying to get somewhere and they just dawdle or stop at random points, especially on the metro and on Rustaveli and Chavchavadze Street. The result of all this warm weather, is that I now have to leave a good half an hour earlier, just to compensate for other people’s strolling along the road and not working in an orderly fashion! Its most inconsiderate!

On the plus side, it makes my swims at the local pool even more enjoyable than they already were, and I love to take a cooling dip after school, before my evening lessons begin. The pool is really nice, and I am starting to see the same people at each visit and am even chatting to them (yesterday I met a lady from the Russian embassy, who happened to forget the code for her locker, and couldn’t get her things out, and she gave me some suggestions for places to go running and dog walking locally!), so its a really big step into my adaptation into Georgian life. Its still a far cry from my life in the village, and I really feel that I have landed on a different planet sometimes. For example, the pool in Tbilisi is full of muscular types, who swim very fast and strong, have cool sports kit, and leave me feeling somewhat inadequate physically (especially when the other pool users happen to be the Georgian Waterpolo Team!!). This is in stark contrast to the school children in Kutaisi, who are still waiting for their swimming pool to be filled with water, and who are instead having ‘dry’ swimming lessons!

To be fair, this video was made almost three years ago now, but you get the idea! I love the pool in Tbilisi though, one the one side you can see apartments through the glass windows, and on the other side, you can see the mountains, which are really green and lush right now due to the weather which has been ‘kockispirulad’ the Georgian equivalent to ‘raining cats and dogs’. It basically means that the rain is falling, just as if it was being poured from a jug!

But all of this summery-ness and lovely warm weather, is making me think about the summer break from school, and travelling, and adventures, and also because friends are finishing their contracts with the Ministry soon, they will be leaving, and I can’t help but think about our arrival in Georgia, and how much I have changed since I arrived in Georgia from Latvia.

I am currently trying to organise my flights to Latvia, to collect my dog and cats, so I can bring them to Georgia, but I am so excited to be going back to my house by the sea, and to our family sauna. I can’t wait to be back in nature, photographing butterflies and spiders, and looking for snakes in the long grass. To eat fresh eggs from our chickens, drink home made fruit wines, and Spanish and New World wines, eat other cheeses, and to go cycling on the beach for miles, with my dog in tow, and to hang out with my sister Alise. I just hope that she has finished her exams at school by then, so that we can go for lots of swims together, and with the dogs (my Italian Greyhound Isla, and our family dog Ranulph the Siberian Husky, who was just a tiny puppy when I left latvia for Georgia)! I am also hoping that the strawberries will be ready and can’t wait to have some fresh fish from the fishermen. In our village, the fish is smoked in the ground (sand) and covered with pine cones, which goves the fish a very specific and delicious taste. I am also thinking about Latvia because it was the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend, and the previous winners were Prata Vetra or ‘Brain Storm’, a group I met in Latvia at a party in Liepaja back in 2001 or thereabouts, I had no idea at that point that they would get so famous, but they were very cool guys and great fun, and I was cheering for them when they entered the Contest. This year the winners were Azerbijan, which means for sure that Georgia will win the contest next year or at least in the next two years, because that is how the voting works, and it will be a good way for other countries to stop and take notice of Georgia and how beautiful the country is. I would love to be here when they host the contest.


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