Street Entertainers and Snacks

I love walking through the streets of Tbilisi. There is always something going on, and a variety of interesting smells, whether its Winter or Spring. In the winter, it was lovely to walk past all the little holes in shop windows, and to buy bags of hot, sweet popcorn for just a few tetri. There are also several places where you can buy little round and freshly made doughnuts too. The smell of hot sugar on the way to school in the morning is always delicious, and every other shop you pass is selling typical Georgian fast food like khajapuri, or lobiani. No one goes hungry in Georgia!!

There are always entertainers too. People singing folk songs, playing pandoris (similar to guitars), or people with puppets on strings. Today, we saw a particularly interesting guy with a Michael Jackson puppet which he was getting to dance (eerily like Michael Jackson too!), and another puppet Stevie Wonder who was playing the piano and singing. Lots of people stopped to watch. On the metro, there are often people who will sketch your face on a piece of paper for a small donation, and they do so really quickly, and sign them in the corner. They are really good sketches, and people seem happy to donate for a picture, but its funny to see that every picture looks very similar, and not necessarily of any likeness to the person being sketched!

May is a particularly wet month, but it brings with it, a lovely lush greenness and really nice air. This is a blessing after the dusty, hot air of late, and its nice to have some thunder storms and lots of rainbows too. It reminds me a lot of living in the Caribbean or being in the rainforest, with its high humidity, warm air, and lovely fresh rain. The little outdoor coffee shops and beer gardens are all open again now, and its great to be able to stop and sit under the umbrellas with a cold beer on the way home from school. People are no longer wearing their tall boots, scarves, and big coats, and have now changed into their summer attire and summer shoes. Its lovely to see, and people seem to relish the opportunity to sit outside with friends, chatting, and relaxing in the sun. The diet is also starting to change a bit now, and there seems to be no end of ice cream places and stalls, and the ice creams are really cheap, but absolutely delicious. I really can’t wait for summer to be in full flow!


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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