Today is not a good day

Today is not a good day at all, and I am home with diarrhoea and vomiting again.  I’ve pretty much been sick from the food in Georgia for the whole of my time here.  Its not that the food is bad, its just that it is so different from what I am used to , and I can’t take any more meals of bread and fried potatoes.  I’m so hungry, but all I can find to eat as an alternative is chocolate, which is fine short term but not for the next 6 months or so.

I’m constantly in pain with my stomach, and the whole toilet situation is just incredibly frustrating as we often lack electricity, water, or toilet paper, and I feel really grotty.  Its all just making me feel very homesick right now, and I feel bad for my host family as its not there fault either.  My host mum wrapped me in a blanket before she left for work, and she wanted to stay home again because I was sick.  I’m not used to people being so concerned or caring, but equally I don’t want them to worry.  They want to get the doctor, but there really seems to be little point, as its just that my body is not used to a repetitive and oily diet, as thats not the diet I have grown up on.  No tablet is going to cure it, and I wish my mum would not keep spending the money that she doesn’t have on tablets for me.

To make things worse, my grandma and I don’t speak the same language and its frustrating because she just wants me to eat “chame, chame, chame” and doesn’t understand why I won’t take alcohol to cure my stomach.  She trained and worked as a nurse in the hospital, but medicine here is so very different from what I am used to in the west.  Every time I manage to find something that I think will help my stomach (like boiled eggs or red tomatoes) she tells me that the food is no good.  Its incredibly frustrating as what is normal food to me is so alien to her, and vice versa.

I’ve really had enough of the food and toilet situation now, and being in constant pain with my stomach, and its just upsetting me now.  I love my family to bits. I love my students, and my school, and I love Georgia.  But I just want to go back to the UK today, and to familiarity and to my cats and my dog.  I’ve never been homesick in my entire life, and I’ve travelled to South India, The Amazon Jungle, the Arctic, Galapagos, Jordan, and so many more places. I even lived in the West Indies for over a year!

I’m in a desperate situation now, because I really just want to go home, but on the other hand I have nothing to go back to right now.  I used up all my funds to come here, gave up my home, and moved my pets to Latvia.  I’ve no base or job or money in the UK, and no funds to get me home, but as my stomach pain gets more intense, the more I am tempted to just walk home, no matter how long it takes!  Today is not a good day at all:(


About Sarah Rows Solo

British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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