death and spontaneity

We were going to have a picnic with Helen’s host family and do some driving in the mountains on Saturday, but as always happens in Georgia, we have a change of plan, which will probably change several more times before the weekend arrives! It seems that another of the many relatives is organising a “party” because it will be the 40th day after the death of a relative, and a “supra” (Georgian feast) must be held to honor the death on the 40th day, 70th day, and after one year.  The relative is snowed under with preparations so my family have offered to help them prepare the feast of khinkali and khajapurit and to bake cakes for the occasion.  And we have postponed our weekend of sightseeing until the following weekend.

This actually should work out very nicely for me, (providing I can get out of the preparations and cooking) as the other volunteer teachers are planning a trip to Abastumani and Adigene this weekend, so it will be great if I can also join them.

Tonight after school, myself, my host mum, and my host dad went to visit one of the relatives and ended up having a little supra, of cognac, kiwis and mandarins all from Georgia, as well as peanuts from Africa! The cognac was strong but actually pretty good.  I think my family have realised that I have no intentions of getting married, and instead of planning my wedding, they are now looking to get me babtised, but were disapointed to find out that I am actually already babtised, so I’m not sure what the next mission will be! They are also jokingly trying to sell me their youngest daughter, but so far I have refused:) But I have offered to take their older children with me.

I’ve also observed another strange thing in Georgia.  The wearing of dressing gowns for all occasions!! Today I popped into Ben’s house as his host mum runs a little shop, which has a great selection of sweets. It was after school, and I was surprised to see her behind the counter serving meat and fish and wearing her dressing gown and slippers!! This is not just a local Vale thing, as I have observed the same thing in the nearest town of Akhaltiskhe in the afternoon as a woman walked down the street, and have also seen this in the capital of Georgia Tbilisi.  I would love to know the meaning behind this, as I keep coming across it, and people don’t look embarassed about it whatsoever. Its not even that they are cold as its been warm when I have seen people!!


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British YouTuber and Founder of Environmental and STEM education charity Oceans Project, preparing for a solo row around the coast of Great Britain.
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